My name is Zach. I have always been a big thinker, so I started this blog to give some of my thoughts a chance to spread to people who might find them useful.

Many of the topics will involve, either directly or tangentially, software development. This shouldn’t be too surprising as I am a gainfully employed developer, currently at AWS.

More specifically, the biggest amount at the moment is programming languages. I have been working on a language called Catln. It is in many ways the synthesis of much of my understanding about languages. Unfortunately, my ability to plan far exceeds my ability to actually implement stuff, so I use this to talk about future topics, current parts that are of interest, and my worldview on programming and languages.

You may also find some posts on deep learning. That is one of my other interests, especially learning more towards the area of artificial general intelligence. It is also my day job where I am one of the main developers at AWS working on the Deep Java Library, a Java-based deep learning framework.

Finally, I reserve the right to write about anything else I happen to be interested in. It is my blog after all.